About UrbanVibe

UrbanVibe promotes a number of unique, interesting and eye catching musical instruments that are influenced by nature and diverse cultures, but are attractive and practical to our modern lifestyle.

Our Mission

At UrbanVibe, our mission is to find you musical accessories that compliment your lifestyle!

We believe that music truly unites & promotes love, laughter, health and well being. So we scan the world to bring you musical instruments that are refreshing & inspiring. Come find that escape from the daily grind! Look for that companion to brighten up your day!

Our History

Though, UrbanVibe was only formed in 2010 in Australia, the wheels have been set in motion many decades ago. UrbanVibe is an offspring of a Family owned musical instrument researcher and manufacturer (Tribal Earth Sounds India Pty Ltd). We are glad to claim heritage of more than 30 years of experience in developing quality musical instruments that has been distributed and enjoyed worldwide.

Our Products

Our flagship products include the iconic HAPI Line, Didgeridoos,Energy Chimes, Shakers,Tambourines and other percussion and wind instruments that fits various ages and interests. The Origin's of our instruments are a true testament to our commitment to reach out and develop instruments that are well suited for the modern day!

People Behind UrbanVibe

Behind UrbanVibe is a group of energetic and passionate individuals that come from all parts of the world. We all have diverse range of experience and expertise through all walks of life. But we all share one common experience, and that is the value that a musical instrument has brought to our day to day life! As a team, we all share this passion to promote and make these instruments more available to you.

I hope you join our growing community and experience what it has to add to your life!

Yavnika Bhargava
Founder - UrbanVibe